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MOMENTUM opens your door to the world of investments in limited-edition and classic automobiles

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About us

We are passionate car collectors who have always followed the car collector market.

We want to use our experience as a previous bank board member/a business consultant, a business developer and a tech entrepreneur to make car collecting available to everyone. We ensure that it keeps pace with the times and also includes younger generations. Our team members are industry experts who keep us up to date on important market developments.

This way we do not miss any good investment opportunities. Investments in limited-edition and classic vehicles have been traditionally reserved for only a few very wealthy investors.

This investment class yields above-average returns. MOMENTUM has a goal of making this investment platform available to everyone.

If we consider the last 20 years, limited-edition and classic automobiles have clearly proven themselves as profitable investments that have a stable value. In the last 10 years they have prevailed against stocks, gold, real estate or German government bonds. Our platform offers 100 % very profitable, limited-edition and classic automobile projects.

"We make alternative investments available to everyone"

MOMENTUM’s philosophy

In addition to attractive return potential, our investments offer protection from inflation since these automobiles are detached from financial stocks in general.

The cultural value of these automobiles is beyond dispute. The limited editions, history and the high degree of craftsmanship as well as the associated emotions have a strong attraction and are the basis for value increases.

Investment Showroom

Get to know us

Advisory board

Björn Brücher

Attorney, start-up and venture capital expert.

Björn is an attorney in the area of company, banking (supervision) and capital market law and an expert for FinTech/RegTech, InsurTech and PropTech business models.

In addition to helping with transactions, he provides advice on all legal matters related to founding and financing companies as well as on structuring participation models.

CEO, Founder

Hans Sandmann

MOMENTUM has a strong partner from the financial world on the team with Hans. Hans is as an ex-bank board member and consultant for banks & financial institutes regarding structured financing, investments, mergers and integration projects in places like Europe, America and Russia. A lot of people today invest their money for very little or even less than nothing at banks. Professionals do it differently. Are you looking for investments with clearly defined risks and good yield chances – investments that you know something about? Our investments also offer emotions and therefore enjoyment with investing. Everyone knows the incomparable sound and style of a Ferrari, and the price developments are remarkable. So why invest in less than nothing?

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We are very glad about every personal visit to our investment showroom.
Here we are happy to answer any questions about our investment products.
Of course, you can also place your digital investment directly on site.

We are here for you from Monday-Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.



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