BG Capital GmbH, Fassbinderweg 10a, 22419 Hamburg is a financial investment broker and operator of the internet service platform pursuant to §2a Par. 3 German Investment Products Act (VermAnlG).

MOMENTUM opens your door to the world of investments in limited-edition and classic automobiles

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One of the oldest proverbs from the financial world is, “Only invest in what you understand”. We take this proverb seriously and provide you the relevant information for each project. MOMENTUM’s expert team regularly presents you new projects on our summary page, and you can invest in these new projects without any fees whatsoever.

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If an investment that we offer appeals to you, you can make your investment completely electronically and online within a few minutes. This is possible starting at a low commitment level of € 100. You can diversify your portfolio with the investments that are offered.

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After you have placed your investment, your utilised capital is managed by a trustee before it is transferred to MOMENTUM to realise the project.

MOMENTUM normally processes vehicle purchases with the help of a German trustee who only releases the purchase price payment to the seller when he has the vehicle documents of the vehicle that has been acquired and an appropriate insurance confirmation. The trustee manages the vehicle documents until the vehicle is sold and the purchase price has been received on an escrow account.

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The vehicle is comprehensively cared for by MOMENTUM’s experienced, trained personnel. Specialists guarantee customised, professional handling. It goes without saying that the vehicle is appropriately insured against all risks from the time of the purchase until the sale. The facility where the vehicle is stored is not open to the public. During the storage period, all actions are recorded. The vehicle is only moved when necessary and solely by authorised, trained personnel.

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MOMENTUM realises the value increase by selling the vehicle via its own highly specialised, international network. When the contract has ended, you are paid the invested capital and the contractually agreed interest. Any taxes that are due are automatically paid to the competent tax office. You are also issued a tax certificate.

Current Projects

*No assessment is made as to whether investing in the offered investment is also suitable for you. If in doubt, please obtain independent advice.