BG Capital GmbH, Fassbinderweg 10a, 22419 Hamburg is a financial investment broker and operator of the internet service platform pursuant to §2a Par. 3 German Investment Products Act (VermAnlG).

MOMENTUM opens your door to the world of investments in limited-edition and classic automobiles

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MOMENTUM’s success is your success. MOMENTUM has a personal economic interest in a high level of protection when vehicle purchases are processed.

MOMENTUM intends to normally finance vehicle acquisitions without banks by taking out subordinated loans or other qualified subordinated investments. There are normally only a few other creditors in addition to the capital providers.

Projects Without
Outside Capital.

The projects on are normally financed
by two sources of capital: by MOMENTUM’s equity and by your investment.
What does this mean for you?

You and MOMENTUM remain the only financers since MOMENTUM does not normally take out any senior debt for project financing.

This reduces the risk of your investment defaulting because a significant proportion of real estate projects for example are normally financed with senior bank loans. Senior bank loans are serviced first when there are financial difficulties before you as an investor can expect repayment.